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What is NIASA?

NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) is a national scheme for production nursery (growers) and growing media (potting mix) businesses which operate in accordance with a set of national 'best practice' guidelines.

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The aims of NIASA are to:

  • Improve the profitability of NIASA accredited businesses through the adoption of industry Best Practice;
  • Encourage the use of environmentally sound work practices; and
  • Encourage the continuous improvement of NIASA accredited businesses
    and those working towards accreditation.
  • Improve customer confidence at all levels of the distribution chain

Any wholesale/production nursery or growing media/potting mix manufacturer in Australia can join NIASA if they implement the NIASA Best Practice Guidelines. Membership is totally voluntary and participants are not required to belong to a Nursery & Garden Industry Association.

EcoHort™ – the environmental management system for Australian nursery production
Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) in partnership with Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) have developed a set of guidelines that provide a systematic approach for NIASA accredited businesses to focus on their environmental and natural resource management responsibilities.

What is EcoHort™?
EcoHort™ is the industry specific set of guidelines or Environmental Management System (EMS). It is a method by which a grower can demonstrate to industry, government and the community their sound environmental and natural resource stewardship. Adopting the process of EcoHort™ has allowed Jamberoo Native Nursery to demonstrate that we:

  • Are utilising a recognised system for assessing likely environmental and natural resource impacts, and
  • are managing these impacts in a responsible and sustainable manner.

For businesses that have invested time and money into systems and technology that advance the business while enhancing environmental and natural resource outcomes, EcoHort offers a practical means of gaining recognition for these efforts.

Rising to the environmental challenge
Nursery production is a highly diverse industry. It services a broader horticultural sector, including ornamental retail, landscaping, interior-scaping, forestry, revegetation, cut flower and fruit and vegetable producers. The diversification of customers has placed growers in our industry in a range of locations across Australia, including urban, peri-urban, regional and rural.

The nursery and garden industry is confronted by a multitude of environmental and natural resource impediments as a result of this spread. From land use restrictions and urban encroachment to government legislation, heightened community expectations and water access, availability and utilisation requirements, the range of constraining factors can at times seem overwhelming.

It is therefore important that the nursery and garden industry has developed its own Environmental Management System, EcoHort™. The EcoHort™ guidelines ensure that the various aspects of nursery production are addressed in a way that maximises business sustainability and profitability whilst considering the likely environmental impact(s).

EcoHort™ has drawn together a substantial amount of information highlighting best management practice in nursery production. Amassed over a number of years through the industry’s R&D program, many of these projects offer guidance to growers on how to improve business outcomes while proactively addressing environmental and natural resource responsibilities.

EcoHort™ is a significant step forward for industry because it:

  • Is the vehicle from which businesses can gain recognition for the advances and uptake of industry best management practice, and
  • Allows the industry to show that it is demonstrating due diligence under the label of environmental and natural resource management.

The Certified Nursery Professional (CNP)

The CNP program is the nursery and garden industry's professional recognition scheme for individuals. CNP members are acknowledged for their skill and expertise within the nursery and garden industry.
CNP award

The CNP program:

  • Acknowledges ongoing commitment to improving skills and industry knowledge, thereby enriching our personal experience of work
  • Provides our customers with assurance that we have the knowledge and skills to provide superior services
  • Encourages a highly skilled industry by ensuring it remains competitive and has the ability to adapt accordingly
  • Offers us valuable networking opportunities and access to ongoing professional development activities.

Here at Jamberoo Native Nursery we consider skilled and knowledgeable staff to be our most valuable asset and encourage staff members to strive for CNP certification (current CNP membership is 3).



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